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We are the expert supplier of renewable energy saving products for you, exporter of solar thermal products and heat pumps to worldwide.
SolarShine specializes in producing solar thermal products from 2006, now has become one of the solar water heaters and heat pumps leading manufacturers in China. SolarShine keeps supplying professional project design services and products for domestic market and customers who come from more than 30 countries.

solarshine heat pump certification16 + years professional manufacturing experience; 6000+ hot water heating projects; 200000+ hot water heaters or heat pumps for home.

The products you can buy from us include solar collector, solar water heater, heat pump, solar thermal hybrid heat pump water heater system, water chiller, hot water storage tank and all accessories for hot water heating system.

SolarShine can supply you the products such as:

1. Flat plate solar collector for solar hot water system.

2. Vacuum tube solar collector for solar hot water system.

3. Split or compact solar water heater with flat plat solar collectors.

4. Compact solar water heater with vacuum tube solar collector.

5. Air source heat pump for commercial projects.

6. Air to water heat pump water heater.

7. Low ambient temperature heat pump for cold climate areas.

8. Swimming pool heat pump for indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

9. Industrial water chiller for water cooling.

10. Creative solar thermal hybrid heat pump hot water heating system.

11. Hot water storage tank, buffer tank.

12. All accessories for solar water heater system and heat pump system, such as the solar controller, circulation pump, booster pump, expansion tank, valves, etc.

What other supports you can get from us?

We provide OEM/ ODM production, can produce customized solar thermal products and heat pump according to your requirements or design drawing.

We have professional designers and technicians, who have rich experience in the design and installation for home or commercial hot water heating system. So we can provide full solution according to your projects, help you to save purchasing cost on your diy solar water heater system.

You may learn more information about solar thermal or heat pump by visit Source, or contact us by info@solarshine01.com whenever you have question or inquiry.

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