2022 China heat pump export and international market development forum

At the forum July 28, Thomas Nowak, Secretary General of the European heat pump Association (EHPA), made a thematic report on the latest progress and outlook of the European heat pump market. He mentioned that in recent years, the sales volume of heat pumps in 21 European countries has shown an upward trend over the years. It also believes that under the complex international situation and environmental protection pressure, heat pumps are the key technologies necessary to reduce European energy costs, support the clean energy economy and strengthen national security. At the same time, Europe is discussing and formulating a higher sales target of heat pumps by 2030.

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Weng Junjie of Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech with the theme of “opportunities and product access requirements for heat pump exports to the European Union and Australia under the diversified situation”. He mentioned that in the post epidemic era, the demand for heat pumps in developed regions and countries such as Europe, the United States and Australia has been increasing. After China’s heat pump exports maintained rapid growth in 2021, they maintained a year-on-year growth rate of more than double digits from January to may 2022. In the medium and long term, the impact of the epidemic is temporary, world peace is the main theme, and green and low-carbon is the general direction of the future. It also introduced in detail the requirements of EU regulations on the export of heat pumps, energy efficiency requirements, access requirements and so on.

Dr. Martin SABEL, Secretary General of the German Heat Pump Association, shared the “development and outlook of the German heat pump market in 2022″. In his report, he introduced heat pump technology in detail. Thanks to Germany’s ambitious climate goals, heat pump has maintained strong growth in Germany in recent years, and the future development trend is still broad. But at the same time, the problems of rising electricity prices and high taxes on electricity prices need to be solved urgently.

Chu Qi, deputy general manager of Baishiyue management consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., introduced the progress of global emission reduction, the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on emission reduction, and the scale of the global air source heat pump market in 2021. It is believed that continuous equipment subsidies, lower product prices, skilled workers, upgrading consumption habits, more convenient installation and more building related policies and regulations will promote the development of heat pumps.

Watanabe, deputy director of Japan heat pump and storage center / International Department, introduced the “development trend and outlook of Japan’s heat pump market”. He mentioned that the heat pump system is regarded as one of the key technologies to achieve Japan’s 2050 net zero emission commitment. The quantitative goal of Japan in 2030 is to further deploy industrial heat pumps and commercial and household heat pump water heaters.

Post time: Aug-01-2022