How to maintain the solar water heater?

Considering environmental protection, energy conservation, use of green energy and other factors, it is inevitable for the society to promote the use of solar hot water systems in residential buildings to provide domestic hot water for residents. Solar water heaters have made great progress in research and development, commercial production, market development, etc. Flat plate solar collectors, glass vacuum tube collectors, and solar water heaters of different models and specifications have been widely used by users.

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The maintenance and management of solar water heating system (heater) is very important, which is directly related to the heat collection efficiency and service life of the water heating system (heater).

Maintenance of solar hot water system (heater)

1. Conduct system blowdown regularly to prevent pipeline blockage; The water tank shall be cleaned to ensure clean water quality.

2. Regularly remove the dust and dirt on the transparent cover plate of the solar collector, and keep the cover plate clean to ensure high light transmittance. Pay attention to check whether the transparent cover plate is damaged, and replace it if damaged.

3. For vacuum tube solar water heaters, check frequently whether the vacuum degree of the vacuum tube or the inner glass tube is broken. When the barium titanium getter of the vacuum tube turns black, it indicates that the vacuum degree has decreased, and the collector tube needs to be replaced. At the same time, clean the vacuum tube reflector.

4. Patrol and check all pipes, valves, ball valves, solenoid valves, connecting hoses, etc. for leakage, and the heat absorbing coating of the collector for damage or falling off. All supports and pipelines shall be painted with protective paint once a year to prevent corrosion.

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5. Prevent the circulation system from stopping circulation and causing insolation, which will cause the internal temperature of the collector to rise, damage the coating, and cause deformation of the insulation layer of the box, glass breakage, etc. The cause of stuffiness may be the blockage of circulating pipe; In the natural circulation system, it may also be caused by insufficient cold water supply, and the water level in the hot water tank is lower than the upper circulation pipe; In the forced circulation system, it may be caused by the stop of the circulating pump.

6. For the all-weather hot water system with auxiliary heat source, the auxiliary heat source device and heat exchanger shall be regularly checked for normal operation. The auxiliary heat source heated by the electric heating tube must ensure the reliable operation of the leakage protection device before use, otherwise it cannot be used. For the heat pump solar heating system, check whether the heat pump compressor and fan work normally, and eliminate the fault in time no matter which part has problems.

7. When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃ in winter, the flat plate system shall drain the water in the collector; If a forced circulation system with the function of antifreeze control system is installed, it is only necessary to start the antifreeze system without emptying the water in the system.

how to maintain solar water heater

Post time: Jan-09-2023