Up to 90% Energy Saving Solar Hybrid Heat pump Hot Water System for Central Hot Water System

Short Description:

The solar and heat pump hybrid hot water system combines solar energy and air energy heat pump effectively, and takes solar energy as the design principle, and air energy heat pump is used as supplement in continuous rainy and cloudy days. The system can save up to 90% energy comparing with the electric or gas heating. 

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This system is mainly designed for commercial central hot water supplying, is widely used in enterprises and institutions with a large number of water users, such as large hotels, student dormitories, factory dormitories, hospitals, beauty salons, baby swimming pools and so on. Because of the huge demand for hot water, investors in particular need to consider the cost of hot water. 


Low Ambient Temperature Air Source Heat Pump

Housing Material:

Plastic, galvanized Sheet

Storage / Tankless:

Circulation Heating


Freestanding, Wall Mounted/ Freestanding


Hot Water/ floor Heating/fancoil Heating And Cooling

Heating Capacity:

4.5- 20KW


R410a/ R417a/ R407c/ R22/ R134a


Copeland,Copeland Scroll Compressor


220V~ Inverter,3800VAC/50Hz

Power Supply:

50/ 60Hz


House Heating,Space Heating & Hot Water,Pool Water Heating,cooling And DHW


4.10~ 4.13

Heat Exchanger:

Shell Heat Exchanger


Gold Hydrophilic Aluminum Fin

Working Ambient Temperature:

Minus-25C- 45C

Compressor Type:

Copeland Scroll Compressor


White, Grey


Jacuzzi Spa/ Swimming Pool, Hotel, Commercial And Industrial

Input Power:

2.8- 30KW    

High Light:

cold temperature heat pump, inverter air source heat pump

SolarShine is an enterprise that focuses on research, development, manufacture and promotion of solar thermal hybrid heat pump hot water system, which can give full priority to the role of solar energy, with more reasonable control logic, higher efficiency, more stable and reliable performance, lower failure rate and longer service life.

It achieves the perfect combination of dual energy and saves a lot of hot water costs for various enterprises and institutions.

We can provide a complete set of equipment, installation and debugging services in one-stop mode for different use places and requirements. 

Solar Collector Hybrid Heat _Pump Hot Water _Heating System
vacuum tube solar hybrid heat pump hot water system

We can provide a complete set of equipment, installation and debugging services in one-stop mode for different use places and requirements.

working principle of solar hybrid heat pump system

By installing this system, users can set different target water temperature according to different seasons and condition. For example, set a lower target temperature in summer and higher temperature in winter. The main machine is kept in standby mode all day, monitoring the water temperature throughout the day and maintaining the constant temperature hot water supply throughout the day.

Product Features:

1.Saving energy up to 90% comparing with ordinary water heater.

2.Perfectly utilize the solar energy and air energy.

3.High efficient flat plate panel collectors or vacuum tube collectors.

4. Protecting Environment, he heat pump match high efficiency compressor with green R410 refrigerant.

how much cost save with solar and heat pump system

5. Supply hot water anytime, and not be affected by geographical and weather changing.

6. Intelligent control, the water temperature can be adjusted as needed and controlled by micro-computer automatically.

7. Separate water system and electricity, reliability and safety.

main components of solar hybrid heat pump system

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