150L Flat Plate Solar Water Heater

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SolarShine’s 150L compact thermosyphon solar water heaters is designed for home solar hot water system, which is with the main components flat plate solar collector, pressurized solar water tank, strong bracket and automatic controller, you can easily get hot water from the sun and save cost. 

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The 150L system is suitable for 2- 3 people to use hot water, it is integrated with high efficiency flat plat collectors with black chrome coating surface, SUS304 high-grade stainless steel tank, and the electric heater element is available, as the option to ensure hot water supplying at cloudy or rainy days. 

connections of solar water heater

By using 150L flat plate solar water heater for home, the system can help you to save about 80% electric bill or gas consumption and reduce the CO2 pollution. 

Best Solar Water Heater with Flat Plate Solar Collector

- High efficiency solar collectors.
- High quality pressured solar tank..
- Strong bracket suitable for flat and pitch roof.
- Compact system, easy installation, simple maintenance.
- Full automatic controller.
- Supply hot water the whole day.
- Save money, protect environment.
- Controller and electric heater are optional parts.

flat plat solar water heater structure1
efficiency curve of black chrome coating

Q&A from customers:

Could the thermosiphon system be closed loop circulation? Answer: Normally thermosiphon system is open loop system, as the water circulation is nature, if it is an closed loop system, there is an exchanger coil inside the tank, and the flow resistance of water in the heat exchange coil is very large, so the water can not has a good circulation, so the thermosiphon solar water heating system must be open loop, can not be closed loop.

All fittings and accessoires kit

All fittings and accessoires kit

Application cases:

applications case of solar water heater

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