Evacuated Tube Solar Collector for Central Hot Water Heating System

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SolarShine vacuum tube solar collectors are the evacuated tubes collectors design for residential solar water heater and different sizes of central hot water heating system projects. The advantages of the collectors are low cost, high efficiency and long use life etc. 

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Trademark 0EM/SolarShine
Specification 2000X1 000x78mm
HS Code 84199010
Transport Package Standard Export Packing
Origin China
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After invented in the 1980s, vacuum tube solar collector has become more and more popular, it is another type of solar collector with higher efficiency, simpler installation and lower cost than traditional flat plate solar collector. It is widely used in house solar water heater and central solar hot water heating system.

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The SolarShine vacuum tube collectors can minimize the heat losses by virtue of the vacuum in the tubes, combined with high selective surface coating and vacuum insulation of the absorber element, the vacuum tube solar collector can get very high heat extraction efficiency. 

Our design of the vacuum tube solar collector is very flexible, it can be used to make the appropriate support and installation method according to the installation size of different building roofs.


Regular models specification
ModevCapacity 25 50 100 150 200
Vacuum tube 58*1800 high efficiency callector vacuum tubes
vacuum tubes quantity 25PGs 5oPcs 1D0Pcs 150PcS 2oDPcs
Mounted directian Vertical Harizantal
lnstallatian size
need for ground
2X1.65 3.8X1.85 3.8X4.2 3.8X6.2 3.8X8.2
Manifold inside material sus304 2日/31BL(Optional)
Manifold Outer cover Stainless steel / Colorful painted steel
lnsulation High density polyurethane foam (Non-CFC)
Ground stand All stainless steel stand
Specification of vacuum tube
Structure All- glass double- tube co- axial structure
Glass Material High borosilicate glass 3.3
External Pipe Diameter & Thickness Ø= 58 ± 0.7mm & = 1.6mm,
Internal Pipe Diameter & Thickness Ø= 47 ± 0.7mm & = 1.6mm,
Pipe Length 1800mm
Coating Layers Cu/ SS- ALN (H) /SS- ALN (L)/ ALN
Coating Method Three target magnetron sputtering plation
Specific Absorption as= 0.93 ~ 0.96 (AM1.5)
Emission Ratio Σh= 0.04 ~ 0.06 (80°C ± 5°C)
Vacuum Tightness P≤ 5.0×10- 3Pa
Idle Sunning Property Parameters Y= 260 ~ 300m². °C/KW
Solar Radiation for Obtaining a H≤ 3.7 MJ/ m² (Ø47), H=2.9 ~ 3.2 MJ/ m²;
Preset Water Temperature H≤ 4.7 MJ/ m²(Ø58), H= 3.7 ~ 4.2 MJ/ m².
Average Heat Loss Coefficient ULT= 0.4 ~ 0.6W/ (m². °C)

product type

We have two types vacuum tube collectors available, you can choose 25 vertical tubes each set or 50 horizontal tubes each set, for horizontal mounted 50 Tubes type, its heating capacity is 700- 1200L/ set, for vertical mounted 25 Tubes type, its heating capacity is 350-600L/ set.

Each set consists of three parts: ground mounting bracket/ all- glass vacuum collector tube and manifold, the bracket material is stainless steel and aluminum alloy, 
manifolds materials are internal SUS304/ external SUS202, and its middle layer is polyurethane.  

1 vacuum tube solar collector1
3 vacuum tube solar collector1
4 vacuum tube solar collector1
5 vacuum tube  solar collector1

Maximum heat output: our 25 tubes collector’s aperture Area is 4 m², comprehensive efficiency is about 75%, heat output depends on actual solar radiation,for example, if solar radiation is 900W/ M2, then heat output is 900 X 4 X 0.75 = 2700W.

Required water flow: about 10L/ minute.

Temperature through the system: 
To achieve maximum output we use temperature difference cysle system, when the outlet temperature of the solar collector is 8- 10 ℃ higher than the water tank temperature, the temperature difference cycle is started.

When the temperature difference is reduced to 4 ℃, the temperature difference cycle is closed.

Application Cases

06 flat plate solar collector2

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