80 Gallon Solar Geyser with Flat Plate Collector for Home Compact Type

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SolarShine’s 80 Gallon solar geyser solar water heater is composed with 300L solar tank, 4m² flat plate panels, strong bracket and full automatic controller. 

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No matter the overall shape, nor structural strength and size, the solar geyser solar water heater can be combined with the building.

They can be installed on balcony, wall and roof, which are convenient and simple to install.

The temperature of hot water can reach around 70 ℃ in summer and around 55 ℃ in winter. 

solar water heater9







1. Water



Net. Capacity

150 Liters

200 Liters

250 Liters

80 Gallon

 Ext. Size (mm)

Φ560x 1050

Φ560x 1250

Φ520 x 1870

Φ560 x 1870

Inner Material

SUS304 2B


SUS304 2B


SUS304 2B


SUS304 2B


Tank out cover material

SUS304 stainless steel


High density polyurethane / 45MM

High density polyurethane / 50MM

2. Solar Collector

Collector Model


C-2.0/2.4-78 solar collector

Collector Size (mm)




Collector Quantity

1 x 2.0M2

1 x 2.4M2

2 x 2M2

2 x 2M2

Total Collector Area




4 M2

3.Mounting Stand Bracket

Aluminum alloy mounting stand for flat roof * 1set

4. Fitting and Pipe

Brass fitting / Valve / PPR circulation pipe * 1set

5. Controller (Optional)

Full automatic intelligent system controller * 1set

6. Auxiliary Electric Heater (Optional)





20’ container loading quantity

40 Sets

35 Sets

30 Sets

25 Sets

fittings and piping for solar water heater
electric heater element for solar water heater
aluminium bracket for solar water heater

About the Solar Collector:

The thermal efficiency of flat panels can reach more than 95%, their service life can be as long as 35 years. The solar collectors use copper tube as the heat absorption material, can fully meet the requirements of pressure system, the copper tubes will not burst, high strength, durable, able to withstand the impact of hail, and they are recyclable, environmental protection.

flat plat solar water heater struture
flat plate solar collector for solar water heaters
efficiency curve of black chrome coating
flat plate solar collector for solar water heater

About the Solar Tank:


SolarShine’s solar water tanks are made of durable stainless steel, designed with auxiliary electric heating, which can save 70% - 90% energy compared with ordinary electric water heater. 


factory of solar water heater

The heat preservation pipes of solar water heater have three layers of protection, they have good heat preservation, aging resistance and long service life. And the system uses automatic controller, can set any time auxiliary heating.

Using one solar hot water heater is equivalent to reducing one car's emission for the earth. Per square meter solar collector can replace 150kg coal, which is equivalent to 147 kwh of electricity, reducing the emission of sulfur dioxide 4.85kg, nitrogen dioxide 2.2kg, and smoke and dust 3.75kg.

connections of solar water heater

Application cases:

applications case of solar water heater

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