High Class Flat Plate Solar Collector with Black Chrome Coating

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SOLARSHINE C- series flat plate solar collector is special designed for residential solar water heater and large central solar water heating system. This solar collector can be installed in any climate region, it combine with top quality materials, has elegant- design and firm structure. 

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The solar flat plate collector is the primary component for solar hot water system, our collectors have two optional sizes: 2 m² and 2.5 m², for a small system, 2- 3 person, 150L solar water heater system, one set of 2 m² flat plate panel will be used, for larger families, larger collectors will be used, you may see more details about system collector sizes in our Best Solar Water Heater with Flat Plate Solar Collector. 

Stucture section view ofmodel C- 2.0- 85. 

85mm height frame casing + double-layers insulation.

03 flat plate solar collector2
02 flat plate solar collector2

Our SolarShine C- series solar collectors can provide the needs for both residential domestic hot water heater and large commercial solar how water heating projects, such as for hotel, school, factory and shopping mall, etc. The flat panels are ideal for different sizes of solar hot water applications.

flat plate collector

Product Features

details of flat plate solar collector2

1. The copper welding is very firm and thick, the joint of each welding point is perfectly integrated ensure no risk of leaking. 

2. The black chrome selective absorber coating is very firm, it can bear high temperature under solar radiation without any risk of removing or fading. 

3. The sealing is with 2 layers of EPDM rubber inside and outside of the glass cover, each corner of collector is made of silicon reinforcement sealing, no risk of outside water splashing into collector.  

EPDM rubber is a perfect material of any sealing application, with good performance of anti-corrosive, anti- heated, flexible, long-life etc. 

4. The frame casing is aluminum alloy, with 1.4mm wall thickness to ensure good-strength, the surface of frame casing is anti-corrosive electrophoresis, the frame can stand in outdoor condition without any deformation. 

5. Back side insulation is aluminum + high density phenolic foam plate, this is one of the big feature and competitive point of our solar panel collector.



C - Series

Model Number


Ext. Dimension(mm)

2000 x 1250 x 78

Gross / Aperture area

2.5 / 2.34 (M2)

Absorber Coating

Selective black chrome coating

Optical Performance
of absorber coating

Absorption: >95%  Emission: <8%

Efficiency coefficients
(Based on Aperture Area)

ŋa =  0.76 - 4.72Tm*

Stagnation temperature


Incidence angle modifier

0.89 (50°

Absorber Material

All in one: Aluminum fin / L1940 X W950 x δ0.3mm

Risers tube

Copper TP2- L1886 x Ø9 x δ0.5mm

Riser quantity


Header Manifold

Ø22 / L1060/ δ0.7mm

Fluid Capacity


Frame Casing/
Wall Thickness

Aluminum alloy 6063/ δ1.1mm

Bottom Insulation
and thermal conductivity

25mm fiberglass wool+alu foil cover
Thermal conductivity: 0.034w/m.k

Back Sheet

0.5mm aluminum plate

Glass Cover

3.2mm tempered, low- iron patterned solar glass,

transitivity >/= 92%

Sealing Profile

EPDM rubber stripe

Tested/ Rated pressure

1.2Mpa/ 0.6Mpa

Loading the solar collectors

05 flat plate solar collector2

Application Cases 

06 flat plate solar collector2

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