Solar Collectors Combined Heat Pump Water Heating System

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Solarshine’s Solar thermal hybrid heat pump water heating system with flat plate solar collector is a high efficiency system which is can save maximum 90% heating cost. 

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The most effective and safe water heating system... Get free hot water in sunny days by using flat plate collectors and by heat pump in rainy days, no electric heater any more, save 90% heating cost.

Solar thermal + heat pump water heating system offer the most effective way of water heating, as in rainy or cloudy days, traditional solar water heater can not produce enough hot water by the sun and must need to use electric heater to heat the water, as we all know what electric heater’s efficiency is maximum 90%, if we need enough hot water in rainy days, electric heater will waste too much electric power.

It achieves the perfect combination of dual energy and saves a lot of hot water costs for various enterprises and institutions.

We can provide a complete set of equipment, installation and debugging services in one-stop mode for different use places and requirements.

Solar Collector Hybrid Heat _Pump Hot Water _Heating System
vacuum tube solar hybrid heat pump hot water system
working principle of solar hybrid heat pump system
accessories for solar and heat pump system

One customized system design for our customer in Indonesia:

On this system, it is not our intention to use the solar collectors to provide preheating and then heat pump to raise the temperature above 50'C. If your solar panels are able to heat the water up to 70 - 80'C, you can adjust your proposed design to have the solar panels as the primary heating source (heat pump SHALL only be used as emergency back up for rainy season).

For safety reasons, we will include a mixing tank where 70°C water will be 
combined with 25°C fresh water to achieve 60°C
water at mixing tank 
outlet (incl. the heat loss in the building plumbing system- PPR- C 
pipes) to the tap (55°C).

The system components include:

Flat plate solar collectors.

Mixing valve / mixing tank (55°C water).

Booster pump.

4 units of 2500L tanks (60°C water).

2 units of 7500L tanks (60°C water).

how much cost save with solar and heat pump system

4 units of 50kWh heat pumps. Hot water return would be set at 40°C from the mixing tank, initial heat pump setting at 40°C (2 operating units). HWS stands for Hot Water System. HWR stands for Hot Water Return. CWS stands for Cold Water System.

main components of solar hybrid heat pump system

You have a hot water heating project want to size with Solar thermal hybrid heat pump water heating system with flat plate solar collector? Please contact us.

Q & A from customers:

Q: Can I preset heat pump working time in case of rainy day?
Yes, you can set heat pump start working for backup in case rainy reasons, that is in order to take solar energy primary. 

Q: What’s the function of the constant temperature control valve on the system?
A constant temperature control valve to the outlet pipe instead of a mixing tank, it is more simple and lower cost, this is our professional design.

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