Vacuum Tube Solar Collector Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater System

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Solarshine’ s Solar thermal hybrid heat pump water heating system is an high efficiency system which is can save maximum 90% heating cost. They are suitable fore both residential and large commercial hot water heating projects. With vacuum tube solar collector can save equipment cost also.

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Get free hot water in sunny days by using vacuum tube collectors and by heat pump in rainy or cloudy days, no electric heater any more.  

Solar thermal + heat pump water heating system offer the most effective way of water heating, as in rainy or cloudy days, traditional solar water heater can not produce enough hot water by the sun and must need to use electric heater to heat the water, as we all know what electric heater’s efficiency is maximum 90%, if we need enough hot water in rainy days, electric heater will waste too much electric power and it is not safety to use electric heater.

It achieves the perfect combination of dual energy and saves a lot of hot water costs for various enterprises and institutions.

We can provide a complete set of equipment, installation and debugging services in one-stop mode for different use places and requirements.

8 Solar Hybrid Heat _Pump Hot Water _Heating System
vacuum tube solar hybrid heat pump hot water system
working principle of solar hybrid heat pump system
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About the SolarShine’s vacuum tube solar collectors:

By using the unique environment- friendly coating design and technology, the unique heat locking film of the absorption layer, improved molecular structure of the film, the broad- spectrum absorption of sunlight is absorbed by the evacuated tube, and a large amount of invisible light (ultraviolet, X- ray, etc.), are absorbed at the same time.

This new coating technology has better heat collection performance than the ordinary gradient film vacuum tube, it can avoids the performance attenuation caused by the long- term air drying, and has a longer service life.

With low reflection, the heat absorber is increased by 12% and the emission ratio is reduced by 65%. Even if the sunshine is bad and the temperature is very low, there is still hot water available.

About the SolarShine’s Heat Pump:

We supply 1.5Hp-50Hp heat pumps for home use and commercial projects.

High efficiency: Heat pump water heater can save around 80% cost than that of electric heater or gas water heater.

Safety and reliability: Water and electricity are separated, eliminating risk of electricity leakage and shock.

how much cost save with solar and heat pump system

No emission and pollution: completely eliminate the potential safety hazards of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide emitted from gas water heaters.

Massive hot water supply: massive hot water supply regardless of any weather conditions such as night, rainy days, cloudy days, etc. year round.

Long service life, low maintenance cost: Stable performance, safe and reliable operation.

main components of solar hybrid heat pump system

SolarShine not only provide you with high- quality products with high configuration, but also provide you with thoughtful and perfect service. Welcome to contact us for a project solution.

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