1.5- 2Hp Small Swimming Pool Heat Pump for Personal House Pool

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SolarShine’s 1.5- 2Hp Swimming pool heat pump is a high quality product designed for indoor or outdoor swimming pools. The heat pump unit can keep the water temperature within the comfortable temperature range of 28- 30ºC. 

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HousingMaterial: Plastic, galvanized Sheet Storage/ Tankless: Circulation Heating
Installation: Freestanding,Wall Mounted/Freestanding Use: Swimming Pool Water Heating
Heating Capacity: 4.5- 20KW Refrigerant: R410a/ R417a/ R407c/ R22/ R134a
Compressor: Copeland Scroll Compressor Voltage: 220V~ lnverter, 3800VAC/50Hz
Power Supply: 50/ 60Hz Function: Pool Water Heating
High Light: swimming pool heat pump, pool heat pump heater, air source pool heat pump
9 air source swimming pool heat pump

The comprehensive efficiency of pool heat pump is up to 500%, which can save 4- 5 times heating cost compared with traditional energy heating equipment such as electricity heater or gas boiler heaters. The power of this series of products is from 1.5Hp- 2Hp for personal small pool, 3Hp- 30Hp for big commercial pool, SolarShine’s heat pumps can meet the needs of swimming pools of different sizes in an all- round way.

8 air source swimmimg pool heat pump
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specification of swimming pool heat pump

MODEL   KSW-3 KSW-5 KSW-6 KSW-10 KSW-12 KSW-20 KSW-25
Rated heating yielding KW 13 21 25 45 55 85 105
Kcal/h 11,180 18,060 21,500 38,700 47,300 77,400 90,300
BTU 44,353 71,647 85,295 153,531 187,649 290,003 358,239
Input power KW 2.6 4.4 5 8.8 11 17.5 22
Operation current A 5 7.7 8.9 16.1 20.7 31.3 40.8
Quantity of compressor Piece 1 1 1 2 2 2-4 2-4
Power demand   220/380V 380V/3N    
Compressor Full Enclosure scroll vortex
Type of heat exchanger Titanium tube heat exchanger
Quantity of fan   1 1 1 2 2 2 2
Fan's input power W 90 250 250 250x2 250x2 550x2 750x2
Fan's rotation speed RPM 850 830 830 830 830 930 930
Grade of water resistance 1PX4
Ventilation Top of heat pump units
Type of refrigerant R22/R407C/R417A/R410A
Noise dB(A) 55 58 58 61 61 62 63
Connection s   DN40 DN40 DN40 DN50 DN50 DN80 DN80
Water flow m3/h 4 6 8 12 14 23 28
External dimension (L/W/H) mm 655/695/810 710/710/1 010 710/710/10 10 1450/710/118 0 1440/800/ 1380 1800/1100/2 150 2000/800/1380
Packing size (L/W/H) mm 685/725/940 740/740/1 140 740/740/11 40 1480/740/131 0 1470/830/ 1510 1830/1130/2 280 2030/1130/2280
Net weight kg 100 180 200 280 310 630 780
Gross weight kg 105 188 208 295 326 662 800
Work environment for tests of rated heat yield: temperatures of dry/wet balls which are placed outdoor 24°C/19°C. Incoming hot water temperature is 27°C.
Due to the machinery innovation or technical modifications, the model and parameter, the performance of the modified products
will be subject to changes without prior notice. Please refer to the specific products or models for details.  
structure of air source heat pump
16 swimming pool heat pump sample


1. Durable patent titanium heat exchanger.
The advanced titanium heat exchanger can stand up to the corrosive effects of salts and chlorine in swimming pool water. The heavy PVC shell of the titanium heat exchanger has great resistance to the erosion of chlorine ion in water.

2. Full DC Inverter Technology on the compressor.
With the DC full inverter technology, our full enclosure scroll vortex compressor enable the heat pump adjust its strength from 10% to 90% according to you requirements when the unit is heating swimming pool. The unit can operate economically and more efficient.

3. Low Noise Running.
The compressor can keep running in low noise as our copper pipe connections process design is excellent, which makes the refrigerant flow smoothly and effectively reduces the vibration of the compressor.

4. Saving Cost.
Comparing with traditional water heater, heat pump can save 65-80% of running cost.

5. Environmental Protection
Using R410 A or R32 refrigerants, no waste gas, no CO2 emissions, no pollution, no waste discharge.

6. Safety use.
No leakage risk, hydropower separation, the units can keep working safety.

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application cases of swimming pool heat pump

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