Heat Pump and Refrigeration Unit for Hot Water and Floor Heating or Cooling

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SolarShine Low- Ambient- Temperature Air source Energy is designed for northern cold- climate regions for floor heating, centralized heating, household heating and central hot water in various enterprises and institutions.

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SolarShine’s low ambient temperature air source heat pump adopts the ultra-low temperature compressor and low- temperature, and environment- friendly refrigeration 410, which is widely used in cold areas in Europe. The heating efficiency at low temperature (- 25 ℃) is 50% - 80% higher than that of conventional air source heat pump units. The air source heat pump unit has little heating attenuation when the ambient temperature drops sharply, which fully ensures the heating effect. 


Low Ambient Temperature Air Source Heat Pump

Housing Material:

Plastic, galvanized Sheet

Storage / Tankless:

Circulation Heating


Freestanding, Wall Mounted/ Freestanding


Hot Water/ floor Heating/fancoil Heating And Cooling

Heating Capacity:

4.5- 20KW


R410a/ R417a/ R407c/ R22/ R134a


Copeland,Copeland Scroll Compressor


220V~ Inverter,3800VAC/50Hz

Power Supply:

50/ 60Hz


House Heating,Space Heating & Hot Water,Pool Water Heating,cooling And DHW


4.10~ 4.13

Heat Exchanger:

Shell Heat Exchanger


Gold Hydrophilic Aluminum Fin

Working Ambient Temperature:

Minus-25C- 45C

Compressor Type:

Copeland Scroll Compressor


White, Grey


Jacuzzi Spa/ Swimming Pool, Hotel, Commercial And Industrial

Input Power:

2.8- 30KW    

High Light:

cold temperature heat pump, inverter air source heat pump

It is generally used for floor heating and hot water production in cold areas in winter such by EU market. Its energy-saving effect is obvious, which is about 1/ 3 of the cost of other heating equipment. It is the primary choice for commercial places’ water heating, floor heating and refrigeration, and for domestic hot water supply such as families, communities, hotels, and villas.

SolarShine’s comprehensive energy- saving solution is recommended for the areas where the minimum temperature is lower than- 5C. The heat pump system operates as follow:

3 low ambient temperature heat pump
Model KDR03 KDR05S KDR05-G KDR07-G KDR10-G KDR15 KDR20 KDR25
HP 3 HP 5 HP 5HP 7HP 10HP 15HP 20HP 25HP
Power supply 220V7380V 220V 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V
Input power 2.8 4.2 4.7 5.2 9.2 13 18.5 20.5
Heating power output at different ambient tem. (20°C) 10.8 16.2 18 20 35.4 50 71.2 78.9
(6/7*C) 9 13.7 15.3 16.9 30 42.3 60 66.6
(-6/7X) 6.9 10.3 11.5 12.7 22.5 31.9 45.3 50.2
(•15*C) 5.9 8.8 9.9 10.9 19.3 27.3 38.9 43
(-20() 5.2 7.8 8.7 9.6 17 24 34.2 37.9
Cooling power output 8.0 12.0 13.4 14.8 26.2 37.1 52.7 58.4
Fan outlet direction Side Side Side Side Side Side Top Top
V\faler connection DN25 DN25 DN25 DN25 DN32 DN40 DN50 DN50
Fluid rate(M3/H) 2-3 4-5 5-6 5-7 7-10 12-15 15-20 20-25
Dimen -sion (MM) 1152 1190 1190 1190 1350 1350 1800 1800
(MM) 422 425 425 425 645 645 1100 1100
(MM) 768 1240 1240 1240 1845 1845 2100 2100
WEIGHT (kg) 130 180 180 220 310 355 630 780

Summer: priority to start the hot water mode to meet the demand for hot water.

Winter: the system operates in the hot water heating mode first to meet the hot water demand. When the hot water temperature reaches the set temperature, the system automatically switches to the heating operation mode to realize floor heating.

The system also can be designed to heat or cool the house, with components of heat pump, circulation pump, buffer tank, manifoil for heating and cooling.

Compact EVI Heat Pump Standard units feature

1.Heating power range: 3Hp, 5Hp, 7 Hp, 10 Hp, 15 Hp, 20 Hp, 25 Hp.

2.EVI Copeland compressor designed for higher water temperature.

3.Water exchanger equipped with high efficiency tube.

4. Double side fan design, avoid snow damage.

5.Split design for indoor and outdoor, or monoblck design, simple for installation.

6. Multiple defrosting function (a. auto defrosting b. Manuel defrosting c. Ultra low temp defrosting).

7.Can be used for house heating or cooling, floor heating, fan coils, water heaters.

8.R410 refrigerant, environmentally friendly– no CO2 emissions.

9. Anti- corrosion: plastic case, coated steel or sus304# stainless steel case are available.

10. Safety: water and electric separately.

drawing of low ambient temperature heat pump

Application cases:

application of description of low ambient temperature heat pump

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